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kpop x the way of happiness

if hoseok was your boyfriend | requested by hope-vixx!

Please Remember, Princess.


Namgrease vs. noona killer Sungyeol

a gifset of sungyeol looking hotter than the sun in please remember princess (~ ̄▽ ̄)~


myungyeol with kim saeron 2012 - 2014

인스피릿 사랑합니다 
i love you inspirits 

the return of sungyeol’s owl face + a dying myungsoo


too much jealousy in one photo

very punny, sungyeol

When does Infinite cry?

"I once broke up with my girlfriend in high school because of a small misunderstanding. What’s so scary about love is that, even if you truly love someone… after you say the word “Goodbye”, it can all be over."

Sunggyu (06.2013 The Star Interview)

is more than music.

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